One of Chinese four literary eminences in early Tang Dynasty, Poet Wang Bo said: religious artifacts specially reserved, so that noble man looks for. Thus it can be seen, ancient noble man preferred to furnish rich Buddhist culture fitments and ritual apparatus etc. in their house, under the atmosphere of solemn Buddhist culture, they bowed to Buddha and protected by holy light of the Buddha. Therefore setting up temple store is considered followers’ needs of religious artifacts, in another hand to supply a channel for follower’s supports and help for temple’s revenue. Finally Jade Buddha Temple also takes this as an opportunity to build up a bridge to spread Chinese Buddhist cultural crafts to the world.


In addition to many Buddhist sutras, Ritual apparatus shopping store of Jade Buddha temple contain large amount of Buddhist crafts, such as crystal beads, porcelain Buddha, bronze& jade carving, wood carving and handmade Chinese painting, Chinese brush calligraphy. Adhering to the tenet of “customer first”, shopping store win good reputation with great variety of real goods and fair price.


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