Promoted by Emperor Liang Wu of Southern and Northern dynasties, the practice of Han Buddhist vegetarian still prevails a thousand years. In ancient times, vegetarian represents a kinds of solemn, before the eve of great sacrifice activities, people was always “vegetarian a few days, for to neat body and clean heart”. Temple vegetarian as benevolence and mercy of “Table Release” has good reputation in society, specially respected by refined scholars


Shanghai Jade temple vegetarian is under the hand of Mr. Zhaopuchu, famous Chinese Buddhist leader wrote inscribed board “Jade Buddha Vegetarian Food Canteen”. For many years inheritance, “Jade Buddha Temple SuZhai” not only offers the traditional temple’s cuisine, but also develops a series of Shanghai flavour vegetarian, which absorbed modern Shanghai cooking style: Saute, Slide fry, Deep fry, Cook, Quick-fry, Roast, Grill and Stew etc. With beautiful color, enjoyable falvour and various taste of sour, sweet, fresh& spicy, “Jade Buddha Temple SuZhai” win famous restaurant reputation at home and aboard, her peaceful and solemn Buddhism culture atmosphere, classical and elegant environment also attract many Buddhism followers.


Time :Dinner Reservation is acceptable

Address : Jade Buddha Temple (Inside)